March 1, 2020


Software is broken. exists to fix it.

We are a distributed R&D lab with a bold vision for how the global developer community can move beyond today's "best practices" -- the broken status quo of the software world.

What Software Must Become

The world desperately needs us all to become dramatically better at architecting software that is:


Software should be brilliantly simple, not brilliantly complex.


We should be able to seamlessly combine different pieces of software without modifying those pieces (example).


In the near future, software must become easy to extend the capabilities of without modifying existing code (example).


"Thou shalt not break working code." --jwz


Preventing the hostile takeover of the world's digital infrastructure should not be an afterthought.


Don't do less with less, definitely don't do more with more; instead, do more with less.

(Performance and useful features are important, but there are market forces ensuring that these continue to be valued; that which is obvious is not worth emphasizing.)